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         I must remind some people that human life is too complicated, the application of ideologies to set a goal for one's own life is often problematic. Whether it be "I should amass as much money as I can" or " we should forgo bodily pleasure for spiritual satisfaction", sticking strictly to ideologies like these often lead us astray.

      But Life without ideologies is even more problematic. When chances come, people of this kind will not hesitate to inflict, exploit or even torture others in order to satisfy their own selves. When I come to this point, in fact I am implying that inflicting, exploiting and torturing other people are evil. At this time another problem arises as on what ground can I have such an assertion? My answer to this are of two folds. The first is that I resort to my own personal experience as the final verdict. Whenever I do these, An unbearably strong negative feeling of finding myself ugly and demon like always emerges from within. The second is that I take life as a medium for the maximization of satisfaction, treating others in this way not only can never maximize one's own satisfaction, but rather, diminish it. Since to do these I would have to suppress my own affection towards other lives first.

      Affection towards other lives, and negative feelings associated with inflicting them, as for myself, is not learned. Yet there are moments that I really want to fix somebody and I must resort to moral codes to keep myself from really doing this. But those only are moments when I am seriously inflicted. Whenever I have such a strong feeling, I can also find that my mind is being contaminated by anger and vengeance, and that it suffers. If anger and vengeance make my mind suffer, they are not my genuine self. If they are not my genuine self, they are contaminants.

     So  I incline to believe that an uncontaminated soul would not harm other life, but contamination to one's soul during one's course of life is completely unavoidable, not to speak that one's inner being is usually in a state of a "seething cauldron" (Freud). So a life without value orientation is almost certain to be a life of building one's satisfaction upon others' sufferings. In this sense, setting ideologies for one's own life becomes necessary.

      Am I concerned too much about making other lives suffer less? By no means. Animals fight, compete, kill without ever caring about the well being of others, yet they can still contribute to the ecosystem. They simply don't need to act in accordance with any thinking of doing good to other life as a whole, for Nature has implanted a set of "instincts" in them, they just act according to their animal instincts and thus they can live in harmony with the ecosystem . But when human beings act likewise, the result will definitely  be  just the opposite. Why? We have high tech as well as conscious thinking skills,  we can manipulate matter, people and other living things too easily. And very unfortunately Nature's way is incomprehensibly complex, also one's private interests are usually in conflict with those of other people (the money in my hand or in others' hands, for instance) , other life and the ecosystem (a housing estate or a mangrove swampland, for instance) in the short run, though they are in agreement in the very long run. If we are not conscious and careful enough, we always harm them with or without our awareness. Today, we have an environmental problem that threatens our survival, the root cause in fact lies here.

I can never understand why people like city living so much. As for myself,  I only like to live with Nature, lead a one with Nature simple living, pursue the values implanted in me from Nature such as truth, genuine knowledge about the natural and cultural world, natural beauty, love and love of all life, pleasure, and the most important of all, one with universe.


Record Of Serving Nature:

1988-1992   長春社(香港最早成立環保團體)幹事及長春社有限公司成立十位股東之一(義務)

1991-1993   區域市政局公立圖書館大自然攝影班(受薪)

2001-          學習、實踐、研究太陽能應用(義務)

1979-2002   自然攝影作品被輯錄至三份環境保育意見書,兩本自然攝影集「大嶼山」「香港郊野遊踪」另香港文化博物館收藏三十多幅作品
    最低度干擾農作試驗研究 :零干擾養蜂(義務)

2003            改良元朗采葉坪太陽能路燈系统(收費)

2004-           最低度干擾農作試驗研究 :零干擾種蕉(義務)

2004-2007   引入太陽能實習課至多間中學資優生培訓課程之內(受薪)

2008-           學習、實踐和研究無壩小水力發電應用(義務)

2013-2014   香港無線電視山系女行劇集自然生態創劇顧問(受薪)                 



Forgetting The Past







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